From time to time, a new artist shows up on the block and when music lovers get a feel of his song, they can’t help but ask themselves why they have been sleeping on him or her for so long. Especially a new act whose sound and style deviates from what the audience has gotten accustomed to. People begin to pay attention and the artist begins to gain traction.

Every upcoming/emerging act has a different story. Some artists, after facing so much struggle, scramble into the music industry. They manage to grab the attention of the Nigerian audience when their single makes it to mainstream to become an instant hit. Things might still be tough for them (no available resources) but with consistent pushing, they overcome and secure a place in the industry.

For others, they come well-prepared. They announce their presence in the music landscape with a bang. You can hardly tell if they’re upcoming because of how mature their sound and their style is.


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