LYRICS-Olu Maintain Yahooze + [Video]

Ewo awon boys yi.
Kamikaze on a Ketto level.
E jami si jo!


Yahoo oh oh
Yahoo oh oh

If I hammer,
1st thing na hummer,
1 million dollars,
Elo lo ma je ti n ba se si Naira.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Boys dey hustle
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Gbogbo aye
Champagne, Hennessy, Moet
For everybody;
Ewo awon omoge, dem dey shake their body;


Everybody, enough effizy
Take am easy
It’s all about the Benjamins baby.

La la la la la la la
London la mule si, America la ti pawo
Awon oshomo gbomo tiawn
Awon oshomo gbomo gbin
To ba wunmi mo le gba Tokyo lo
To ba wunmi ma lo Jamaica o
O le tun wunmi ki n ni mo fe lo Germany o
Ki n ni mo fe lo ojo meji pere
Owo lo n soro o

If I hammer…(etc.)

Owo n be lapo mi o
Dide ko ba mi jo
Owo n be lapo mi o
Dide ko ba mi jo

Mama Charley n be lapo mi o
Dide ko ba mi ra
Dollar n be
Naira n be
Kuruje n be
Paper n be
lapo waaaa
Everything is there.

Awon kan, Awon kan, Awon kan…
Awon kan waye wa sise
Awon kan waye wa jaye
Awon kan waye wa gbowo
Awon kan waye wa saye
Awon kan waye wa sayo oh

Owo n lapo mi o…
[and Chorus till fade]


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